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Marked Again - by Jerry Somerdin

Marked Again - by Jerry Somerdin

Four cards are shown. The faces and the backs are freely shown for each card. The magician tells the audience that each card is actually marked on the back and that he will show them how to read the markings. One at a time the magician turns each card face up and then face down and in a flash, they instantly all turn face up again! He proceeds to throw each card face down on the table one by one and to every ones surprise not only did the back of each card change colors but they now have the value and suit of each card clearly written on the backs!

This easy yet very high impact effect comes complete with instructions and the set of hand prepared cards.

Remember -- the spectator sees the complete front and back of each King as the four cards are freely tossed onto the table. The spectator clearly sees only four cards from beginning to end- nothing to get rid of. Resets in seconds. A killer effect!

Comes in poker-size Bicycle card.
List Price: $14.99
Price: $12.99


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