Break Thru Magic Set

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This amazing set has everything you could possibly need to become a wonderful magician. All you need to provide is the sense of adventure and the sleight of hand, and before long you’ll be performing tricks like a pro.
There are over 200 tricks to learn, using the included props as well as everyday household items, and there’s an illustrated instructional booklet as well as an instructional DVD with easy steps to follow.

This Berak Thru set ncludes: 

Levitrix Box

Money Machine

Psychic Deck

4 x Multiplying Balls

Ultimate Device

Rising Wand

Magic Rubber Bands

10 x ESP Cards 

Disappearing Money/Scarf

Magic Drawer Box

Magic Coaster

Infinity Machine

Mind Read Cube

Secret Levitation Gadget

Illustrated Instructional Booklet

Instructional DVD

Whether you’re floating in front of your friends with the Levitrix Box, magically producing candy with the infinity machine, or even mysteriously printing real money with the money machine, this set will have you performing true feats of wonder.
So unleash your inner Houdini and get ready to stun all your friends with the Fantasma Astounding Magic Set!

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