The Bicycle Elegance Deck- LTD ED

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The Bicycle Elegance deck is one of the highest quality decks ever created. Pure "elegance" and detail printed on Bee Stock by USPCC

Printing by the United States Playing Card Company

56 Playing Cards printed on quality Bee Stock - Cambric Finish

100% Custom Face Cards, Court Cards, Jokers and Tuck-Box Each card printed front and back with deep gold metallic ink.

Embossed Tuck Box made with highly reflective gold foil and metallic inks.

Includes 1 Gaff Card and 1 Joker with a reveal.

Custom Gold Foil Deck Seal

Limited edition of 5000 decks - Never to be re-printed again

* Bee playing cards have been the industry standard for over a century. The most popular deck used in casinos in Las Vegas to Macau, Bee cards are internationally respected as a perfect mix of form and function. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company

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