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Daniel Madison The Advocate 
Daniel Madison The Advocate

The best and most practical card index ever created.

The Advocate is by far Daniel's most favorite discovery and deceptive tool and was for many years his best kept secret, and it has been a monster of a reputation maker for him. This is his 4th edition of this book; where the predecessors were written with the magician and the effects in mind, this edition keeps due focus on the device itself for deceptive use. Although 'tricks' have not been removed from this edition they have been simplified and reduced to suggestions as opposed to focal points of the book. Much deserved extra attention has been paid to the use, uses and possibilities achievable with the device.

The Advocate is a pocket card index...a device that holds a full deck of playing cards in consecutive order that works as an index hidden within the performers pocket allowing the performer to secretly locate and obtain any desired playing card from the full deck within seconds without having to look at the cards. The desired card would then be palmed from the users pocket for a number of deceptive uses.

The Advocate is nothing more than a deck of playing cards, nothing is added and it will take you less than a minute to make without the call of any other instrument or application. Not only that, as the index IS a deck of cards, you will never have to worry about being caught carrying any secret devices.

This book will teach you the simple construction of the device from your own deck of cards, you will learn the indexing system, how to use it correctly, diligently and to its full advantage, advice is offered for care and additional handling and indexing systems, tricks are suggested and a pathway is created for you to become a master of your own applications for the Advocate index.

Daniel is confident in saying that this is the most versatile and simple index you will see or use and although similar concepts have been (rarely) used he feels confident in releasing the Advocate to keep this deserving secret alive and pay respect and thanks to those who started me on this road. If you've never used a card index before, after discovering the Advocate, you'll never leave home without it.
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