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Magician's Fax by Tricks Co. (similar to Tenyo)

Magician's Fax by Tricks Co. (similar to Tenyo)

 Take out a flat black plastic folder, open the folder to reveal five ESP cards.

Shuffle the cards face down and have a spectator freely select one of the cards. Spectator shows the symbol to the rest of the audience but not you! Ask him to place the card face down in the folder.

Explain that there is a new Japanese invention, a 'thought materializer" (or whatever you think will be interesting to your audience)....reach into your pocket and bring out another plastic folder and some blank pieces of paper.

Place one of the blank papers into the folder and wrap it shut with a rubber band....

Now comes the magical part.....touch the folder with your finger and then touch the "thought materializer"....

Open the folder to see the symbol the spectator has selected...then have spectator open the other folder and remove the piece of paper.....printed on the paper is the spectator's choice! The thought materializer really worked!

A lovely piece of Close-Up magic. Very easy to do!

Keep in mind...there are no forces: the cards are not marked in any way....and it can be a different ESP symbol each time you perform this....
Price: $23.49


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