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Lotto Square

Lotto Square

 Lotto Square is a diabolical way to reveal a chosen number!  Ask a spectator to name ANY card, suppose he says Six of Diamonds. Take your deck of cards and an envelope and remove the cards from the box. Show that there are different numbers written on all backs. Next remove the Six of Diamonds and turn it over. Suppose on the back is number 37. Now open the envelope and remove a few scratch lottery tickets. You give one to your spectator. Ask him to scratch open ONE row. He scratches the boxes open, but there is no number 37! Then you add up the row. It turns out to be 37! Ask him to scratch open the other boxes. Add up another row, it also adds up to 37. Take yet another row, horizontal or vertical, it adds up to 37. Add up a diagonal row, it's 37. Add up the four corners, it's 37. Take ANY block of 4 numbers, it's… 37! This is of course a magic square, but cleverly disguised as a lottery scratch ticket. Great to do close-up. Very easy to do. Nothing to remember. Many possibilities to use it. Use lotto square with other great tricks like Trilogy, the Blank Phil deck, a Force Bag or Bob Cassidy's Chronologue to have a great revelation of the number. Use lotto square for impromptu magic (reveal an age for example!) You will receive 60 special and custom made lotto scratch tickets, instructions, explanations and ideas how to use this tickets!
Price: $46.99


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