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Fantasma's Snake Drawer Box - Large
Fantasma's Snake Drawer Box - Large

This Snake Box is no longer being made and is a beautifully crafted, hand painted collectible. Get yours today as quantities are limited!

Adorned with authentic Chinese designs this beautifully constructed apparatus will baffle and entertain your audiences young and old alike.  Built with the professional magician in mind and yet so simple it can be used by a beginner - it is a stunning sight to behold.  Not only is it pretty to look at – the action is smooth and flawless.  Very simple to perform so that you can just concentrate on you’re your performance and relationship to the audience.

The Effect: The magician holds up for inspection a mysterious box. He also displays three colored silks. He opens the box drawer and puts both the red and green silk in, leaving behind the yellow one. He closes the drawer and slides it inside the box. He then vanishes the yellow silk in some magical way. After making a few magic passes over the box he pulls the drawer out and opens it. With great surprise a colorful spring-loaded snake jumps out holding in its mouth all three silks tied together! Fantasma's Snake Drawer Box comes in two sizes. The smaller version comes with a 5 inch box, and a two foot long snake. The Jumbo Snake Drawer Box features a 9 inch box with a snake that's approximately 42 inches long!
Price: $149.99

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