Expanded Shell Set by Roy Kueppers Eisenhower

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Expanded Shell Sets use an expanded shell along with ungaffed inner coins which are hand-picked for an exact size-match as well as for overall appearance matching. With expanded shells, it is possible (with some searching) to find other ungaffed, matching fits. An expanded shell might also fit your other normal-sized gaffs, like your flipper coin.

These shells are manufactured by Roy Kueppers. Roy personally manufactures each item that he sells and uses his very own unique method for Expanding shells. He also very carefully selects specific characteristics in the coins he chooses to make the shells. Not all coins are created equal... Roy feels that a combination of the right chosen coin and his unique process make for a high quality Expanded shell with 90% coverage when nested.

Many effects are possible with the use of this shell.

Routine and instructions included.

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