Rubiks Puzzling Magic Set

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Rubik’s magic is the hot new trend right now! From instant solves to mind-reading, our sets and individual tricks will keep them baffled using the best-selling 3-D puzzle of all-time!  Since the Rubik’s Cube is an item commonly found in many homes, no one suspects it as a magical prop!  Here’s what you can do with our magical cubes!

  • The Rubik’s Triangle: a tri-fold screen is shown folded flat.  It is opened and both sides are shown.  It is folded into a triangle shape and from within the triangle come many solid objects from trick to Rubik’s Hankies- literally anything that will fit in the large production chamber!  
  • Rubik’s Cube Cloning: with a shake, a small cube explodes into several tiny cube!  Apparatus can also be used to vanish a small trick cube or transform a small trick cube into something else entirely! (This trick requires use of a specially designed, non-functional cube shell that sticks to the underside of the lid of the container magnetically.) 
  • Rubik’s Tube: a solid rod is pushed through the bottom of a tube, blocking the exit. A classic sized trick cube is dropped into the tube and naturally doesn’t go past the rod. The cube is removed and the magician waves his hand over it to “separate the molecules”. The cube is dropped into the tube again and penetrates straight through the rod!
  • Rubik’s Cube Box and Classic Sized Tricked Cube: A classic sized trick cube is placed inside of a large box. The box is tilted from side to side, causing the cube to slide to opposite ends of the box.  Each time the cube slides, the door on the opposite end is opened, to “prove” to the audience the cube has vanished.  The audience, of course, is having none of this so the magician finally opens both doors to show the cube is really gone!  The cube can later reappear in a different location! 
  • Rubik’s Mental Cube and Shell: a scrambled cube is placed in a box just large enough to fit it. The lid is placed on top of the box and the box is given a shake. When the lid is removed, the cube is unscrambled! Additionally, the cube can vanish from the box and a cool mentalism effect can be performed as well! A spectator places the cube into the box with one side facing up and places the lid back on the box. Without removing the lid, the magician can tell which color is facing up! The cube can then be scrambled and the magician can name EVERY color facing up
  • Rubik’s ESP Cards: a card is shown to feature an illustration of a scrambled cube. A spectator secretly chooses one of the colors. Next, the magician shows the spectator ten cards, each one of which shows the cube scrambled a different way and even has two colors randomly removed! Despite these circumstances, the magician immediately guesses the chosen color!
  • Rubik’s Magic Cards: these sneaky cards are cleverly marked on one end for a variety of magic effects! Guess the chosen card, find a chosen card behind your back and much more!


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