Illusion Blueprint Deck by JC Sum

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Presenting the Illusion Blueprint Playing Cards. This is the first ever collectible deck of playing cards for illusionists, illusion enthusiasts and magic geeks. Professional illusionist and illusion designer, J C Sum, created the original concept art to celebrate the art of illusion design in a unique fashion. This exquisite deck of cards features the building plans of a conceptual "sawing a girl in half" illusion, complete with dimension lines and actual dimensions. The blueprint plans motif make for a perfect blue-backed background for this beautiful limited edition deck of cards. The deck features a custom ace of spades that complements the back design of the cards. The deck is also a secret one-way deck with a deceptive differentiation of one gear cog on the left top corner of each playing card. In addition, there is a force card revelation for the eight of clubs integrated in the design on one side of the card box. The cards are printed on 310gsm linen French paper with a custom-designed case.

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