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In early 2003 , in the very beginnings of the Ellusionist brand, Brad Christian, crafted a photoshop image of Black Tigers, and wrote a letter to the ultra-consevative, 126 year old behemoth, United States Playing Card Company. He asked them simply to do something they had never done. He asked them to step outside of their box, their comfort zone, and allow the printing of an outrageous, completely BLACK version of their beloved Bicycle deck

They loved how different the deck was. Thus giving birth to the custom playing cards market. Shooting up the rankings and selling over one million decks in their original designs

The Black Legacy box set is a celebration of inevitable progress. Three exquisite decks that broke all the rules and took no prisoners. Re-imagined, re-vamped, and re-invigorated with multi level embossing and two tone foiling.

The Legacy continues with all these new designs.

The Black Legacy box set includes:
- Re-imagined Black Ghost deck Legacy edition
- Re-imagined Black Tiger deck Legacy edition
- Re-imagined Shadowmasters deck Legacy edition
- A beautiful collector box

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