Madison Hellions Playing Cards by Ellusionist

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I love these! Stock is good the art is fan-damn-tastic! I use these for venues and themes that the art will be admired and not questioned. The 'extras' that this deck comes with are great also. Your traditional stuff and a few others. The pointing card is a big plus. Tuck box is different and a attention gainer. Great for killing time between banter.

These are the Devil cards I’ve always imagined very Dark, Perfect for kid shows j/k no but it fits my personality, I have V1 and V2 waiting on the V3’s

I have massive hands. I am 6'9" and my hands seem to wrap around most decks 2 or 3 times. While the confessions decks are not made out of supernatural material, it sure feels that way to me. In particular the Hellions. I love it when deck designers and artists take the kind of time necessary to have their decks tell a story. Or better yet, provide the pieces for the performer to tell a story. That is what you have with this deck. They are thin, soft, and hold their shape exceedingly well even when a giant like me abuses them so much.

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