Blackmail By Ellusionist

Blackmail By Ellusionist

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Peter McKinnon and Bobby Motta have thrown out the rule book, meaning you can now predict anything - a thought-of card, a name, a number - even a drawing - all with your prediction sealed inside an envelope - before you even ask the spectator to think of it.

This is super powerful and a really modern and fun way to perform mentalism. And I love how The informant works so well with this. While I think this effect is great overall I have a few issues with it. Sometimes the predictions dont come out perfectly for me and on a couple of occasions my spectators were able to guess the method. But in general I love performing this.

Most magicians say if they could only do one trick for the rest of their lives it would be the invisible deck, but after using blackmail I know i could go on just using this and be happy. The possibilities are basically endless, put your mind to it and you can predict pretty much anything! A bonus is the refills are cheap and for the people wondering about the paper it comes with and how to replace it's simple any type of paper will do but what I personally do is buy big sheets of thick white paper and cut it up, it's cheap and takes about ten minutes to make enough to last a decent night of performing. You will not regret buying this!

Blackmail is a device that lets you predict every little thing. I believe it was easy and hard. There are reasons for that I will not explain because it could explain the device. I would use every day if you buy it. I love it, and you will too.

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