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The 2019 Tenyo line looks to be a really good one! Pre-order now and get FREE shipping! (Effects will not ship until early November)

Magical Chocolate

The magician presents a white chocolate candy bar and a dark chocolate candy bar. Magically, they make a piece of it go missing and make it appear on the dark chocolate bar. The magician takes that piece off and places it back on the white chocolate bar and magically repairs the bar. They then restore the dark chocolate bar.

Dice Matrix

The magician presents a box with 4 sections, each with a single die. The magician places the lid on the box and makes a magical gesture. One of the dice has now jumped into another compartment. They cover the box again and another die jumps into the now crowded space. The magician then takes the lonesome die and places it in their pocket and covers the box. The die has now jumped into the crowded space.

Cellphone Handkerchief

The magician is able to take a handkerchief and pull it through a borrowed phone. They can also pull a handkerchief through a deck of cards and what looks like a matchbox (I'm assuming you can pull the handkerchief through anything).

Mixed Masterpiece

A block puzzle featuring Vincent Van Gogh is featured on six blocks. The magician is able to mix up the blocks and cover it up; after a magical gesture, the puzzle is restored.


The magician presents a clear box with a ring and a hollow star inside. The magician closes the box with a bid and inserts a sword through the box and through the ring. A shake of the box and the ring and the hollow metal star have now switched places.

Money Eraser

The magician presents a folded bill and covers it. As they slide the top cover across the bill, it erases the picture of the bill and the magician is left with a piece of blank paper.

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